Full circle. 

When I first discovered the Internet and learned HTML in the 1990s, I had a desire to tell the World Wide Web all about me without the benefit of any feedback loop. I didn’t care who was reading, or if anyone discovered my site at all. I just wanted to screech into the ether while practicing my HTML skills. Later, I would share my website with my friends and acquaintances, but again there was no way to reach me through the website. For that, we had IRC and e-mail. 

At the time, I had not learned how to avoid my site being crawled and archived, and now I can look back on different websites and domains in all their hideous glory on the Internet Archive. XD

After having spent seven years on shell-based email lists and IRC channels, many of my friends made the move over to GUI social media platforms, where they could post photos and videos to their accounts, and have people’s comments show up in threads tied to said posts. I was resistant to social media in that form, so I would usually be with the last of the holdouts to make the move. 

I think I joined Tribe.net first before joining LiveJournal, and then I didn’t come over to Facebook until about 2009. I tried to leave Facebook for MeWe in December 2018 when several friends declared they were fed up with Facebook, but very few of my friends actually ended up coming over to MeWe, and those who did either lurked, posted very sparingly (like me) or only posted photos. 

Between 2018 – 2020, Facebook became an INCREDIBLY toxic place to be, and I struggled with where to go next. MeWe still doesn’t appear to be panning out amongst my concentric circles of friends. 

A deadly viral pandemic started in late 2019 and quickly spread around the world, locking people indoors for months on end. During this time, people either became the best version of themselves or the worst version of themselves in the online world. Facebook became even MORE toxic than it had been. So I finally made the decision to go back to my beginnings on the Internet, and blog to my heart’s desire in a vacuum. 

Hello, World!